Looking for quality dry needling training, Manual therapy, REhab or spinal manipulation training for your organization?

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Site requirements:

->Accomodation of at least 18 participants, with at least 6 tables (preferably 9, 1 for every 2 registrants.

->Clear wall or screen for projection for powerpoint presentations.

->First free spot is in exchange for lite snacks, coffee, and water for participants throughout the course.

->Additional free spot for every paid 13 registrants (26 paid registrants = 3 total free spots).

-> 3-day courses start at 12:30 Fridays and run until 7 pm, and end at 6 pm on Sundays. 2-day courses run from 8 am Saturday to 6 pm Sunday.

->Courses require at least 10 paid registrants to run. We do all the marketing, but local help is always beneficial.

->We provide all course supplies and material.

**Private courses are available. Please complete the form and indicate you are looking for a private course and we will reach out to you.

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